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The Ardship of Cambry

Rowan Williams seems to have finally gone off his rocker. I've always found it hard to take seriously a man who a) obviously has his wife cut his hair and b) is a druid . Now, his suggestion that the introduction of 'elements' of Sharia law to this country's legal system is 'inevitable' leads me to think he is unfit for his office. This is the first time I have felt sorry for Gordon Brown.

Ah, if only America were still a great open space where groups of people dissatisfied with the laws of their country could go and set up their own colonies in order, as Garrison Keillor put it about his own ancestors, 'to enjoy less freedom than they had at home'. But this is the real world and, Beardie, the rest of us have to live here in the UK, struggling to get along together but managing as long as there is one law for all.

For a reasoned legal argument about this, see the excellent post by legionseagle.
Virtual prize for getting the reference in the header.
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