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If you had to go to boarding school...

...which fictional one would you choose? I thought this article in the Grauniad deserved a wider audience than the mailing list I got it from. When I was young, it was definitely Malory Towers for me, mainly for the romantic setting (the four towers) and the uniform! Plus the girls actually do quite a lot of work. The fictional schools I'm fond of now tend to be small and unusual: the New Forest school in Princess Charming with its fresh air policy or Angela Brazil's Miss Kaye's. Absolutely not the Chalet School, or Kingscote, or The Farm School.

I did almost go to a fictional school in that the one in Evelyn Finds Herself is based on my own. That's cheating though, as it's a day school and on the whole I prefer day school stories as I like the home life mixed in.

What's yours?
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