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February Books

I’ve already written about several of these so this is just a list.

The Catherine-Wheel, Patricia Wentworth. A Miss Silver book. Too melodramatic. I prefer the country house-type ones
Chris Temple, Patrol Leader, Ivy F E Middleton.
The Brading Collection, (Miss Silver), Patricia Wentworth. Another set in a milieu I didn’t find attractive.
Rough Music, Patrick Gale
Notes from an Exhibition, Patrick Gale
I enjoyed both of these. I particularly liked the pretentious exhibition notes which head each chapter in Notes from an Exhibition, followed by the ghastly truth.
Hester’s Story, Adèle Geras. Take out the sex and this is a traditional ballet story, with lovely costumes, backstage rivalry and everything else you’d expect.
Being Elizabeth Bennet. Create Your Own Jane Austen Adventure, Emma Campbell Webster
The Needle in the Blood, Sarah Bower. Kindly lent, ungraciously unread. I couldn’t get beyond the first chapter. I don’t like this sort of writing, I don’t like gore and if I want to read some historical fiction I prefer Rosemary Sutcliff.
The Risk of Darkness, Susan Hill
The Various Haunts of Men, Susan Hill

The Adventures of John and Mary, Grace James
More About John and Mary
John & Mary at Riverton
John & Mary’s Visitors
These books are bliss.

Sisters by a River, Barbara Comyns
That Imp Miranda, Mary Gervaise
Shame on me, I’ve had the three Miranda books sitting looking pretty on the shelf for ages and have only now got round to reading them.

The House of Mirth. Edith Wharton. I’m reading this for Cornflower’s reading group and finding it heavy going.
Circle of Sisters, Judith Flanders. I’ve already enjoyed The Victorian House and Consuming Passions and this is just as promising.
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