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You’d think I’d seen enough springs not to be surprised by another one but it still amazes me the way the whole landscape seems suddenly to change overnight, in spite of the cold. Looking at the view from the upstairs windows I see green where only last week there was brown with, in the middle distance, a large patch of yellow. This is oilseed rape, from which swarms of tiny black pollen beetles will later fly, to land on my sweet peas. In the garden, green and yellow dominate. Bright yellow leaves on the golden philadelphus, Philadelphius coronarius 'Aureus'. Next to it, fat yellow buds on Paeonia lutea, just about to open. A solid dome of chrome from Euphorbia polychroma. Rippling ribbons of Euphorbia cyparissias running through the borders with the self sown forget-me-nots. Yet another euphorbia, E. robbiae, is rampant under a hedge. My lovely orange-y Ballerina tulips highlight the brown flowers clustering among the bright leaves of Euphorbia mellifera. The flowers really are brown and they do smell of honey. Later in the season, if you’re lucky enough to be sitting outside in the sun, you will hear an occasional ‘pop’ as the seeds explode. Bare earth is disappearing under cushions of green as perennial plants like hardy geraniums and Tellima grandiflora start mounding themselves up ready to flower. Foggy now, but full of promise.

Johnnie Walker is celebrating 1966, the year he started out in pirate radio. Great year.
Tags: gardening, johnnie walker on r2, spring
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