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The antidote

Forever Rose by Hilary McKay. From a book you almost dread picking up to one you can’t put down but don’t want to finish. This is stated to be the very last chronicle of the Casson family and I and many others will feel bereft. I want to read the whole lot all over again. Hilary McKay is so clever in the way she manages a first person voice which is definitely Rose's yet conveys so much. Now I have a problem shelving the set as at the moment they won't all fit on the same shelf unless I reorganise the John & Mary books, which would mean moving Jane Shaw and then...

In other news, the weather is vile as anyone in the UK knows. The wind is getting into the house through every possible crack.

I picked up my new, horrendously expensive specs from the opticians this morning and as they have a different prescription I'm trying to break them in. As anyone who wears glasses knows, this is horrid. I've had to turn up the text size on my computer screen. Er, shouldn't I be able to read smaller text? My challenge is to persevere and not reach for the old ones with a sigh of relief.
Tags: book organisation, books, hilary mckay, new specs, weather
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