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Im wunderschőnen Monat Mai

At last! It's warm, it's sunny, it's May. It rained in the night and first thing so it's rather a steamy heat and much warmer outdoors than in. I had to take clothes off to go out. This was so mellowing that I didn't even get into a state about how frustratingly long it took just to post parcels and go to the bank. Instead, I strolled along, looking at the river, beaming at babies and registering the astonishing fact that people were drinking coffee outside. Everything that sums up 'May' has come together: blue sky, apple blossom, bluebells, lilac.

When I was at the Mixed Infants, as we were so quaintly called in those days, we sang a jolly little hymn, the refrain of which went
Maytime, playtime
God has given us Maytime,
Thank Him for His gifts of love
Sing a Song of Spring

I was pleased when huskyteer sang the same song at the local First School. Now I can't remember the rest of the words and have tried Googling, with no luck. Does this mean no one sings it anymore? If so, what a shame.

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