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Two Go Mad in Dorset

I’ve had one of my oldest friends staying with me for a few days. Determined to make the most of being away from London and in beautiful Dorset, she has been dragging me out on long coastal walks.

It would have made a good picture if either of us had taken a camera.
On Tuesday we drove to picturesque Worth Matravers

and followed the path down to St Aldhelm’s Head, where there is a very unusual 12th century chapel.

Then on past the coastguard station and amazingly, the whole coast was ours, with fabulous views in all directions and very few other walkers. The sea was turquoise, the sky blue, we were able to eat our lunch in a sheltered spot and feel happy.

By the time we got back to Worth my out-of-practice legs had seized up but my friend was relentless and the next morning announced that we were going to Swanage. So we did and while we were on the cliff the heavens opened. Arriving back in Swanage we found large hail stones lying about and sheltered in a caff for a cup of strong tea and a bacon butty. We were wet through. I said that if this were a Chalet School story we would both get pneumonia and J said yes, or like Jane Bennet in bed for a week after getting a little damp. We laughed merrily at the idea that a wet walk could make you ill. That evening J started sneezing and blowing her nose and fell asleep on the sofa. In spite of this, she insisted on a brisk constitutional before setting off back to London this morning.

It was all lovely but I could do with a nice lie down…
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