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Busy day

At the market this morning I fell in love with this plant and had to take it home. It's Ornithogalum dubium or Snake Flower. Usually one thinks of Ornithogalum as white and green but this stunner is brilliant orange. At £2.00 a pot they were selling like hot cakes as house plants. The label instructs that they can be put in the garden after flowering: we shall see. After stocking up on free range eggs and fruit and veg. as usual I also bought three books by Katie Fforde as I've never read any before

It was quite a day for book buying as there was a book fair in town. I was very pleased to get Barbara Comyns' Our Spoons Came From Woolworths after enjoying Sisters by a River so much. As well as the pile shown here I got a couple more plus a number of very early issues of Collins Magazine, which promises a happy evening. In the afternoon I went back to the book fair to meet up with D. (waves) for browsing, coffee and yet more shopping. It was a good way to spend a rainy day.
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