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Lucky, or not

Good thing I didn't put any real money on my pick for the Grand National, as I'd have lost it.:-) Yesterday, lulled into a completely false sense of wealth, I bought a new digital camera. So this afternoon I dodged the showers to experiment with taking photos of flowers.

Euphorbia mellifera
More follow. You really need to click on the images to get the effect.

Miniature daffodil. I think this is 'Minnow'.

White double primrose which I split last year so that I now have three plants.

Muscari, Grape Hyacinth

Euphorbia characias with Erysimum 'Bowles' Mauve'

Anemone nemorosa

Euphorbia with corkscrew hazel

To be honest, I don't think these photos are any better than the ones I was taking before. There's nothing wrong with the old camera except that it is old; clunky and too heavy to carry around with you, whereas this one will fit in my pocket. I have joined the modern world.
Tags: digital photography, flowers, gardens

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