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At the flower show

Today's the day of the annual Spring Show of our local horticultural society. Nothing grand but some extraordinary skill shown to get daffodils of show quality (RHS rules) when most of the garden ones are nearly over. Above: the show bench.

A well filled, sunny pot.

The only, lonely amaryllis/hippeastrum in the show.

Hyacinths. There were lots of these. Can't you just smell them?

Stunning leaves of a begonia.

Narcissus 'Canaliculatus'. This little gem has such tiny, tiny flowers I think it would be best grown in a pot so that you can really appreciate it. There's a much better picture of it here.

The show is not as well supported or attended as it used to be. I think this is probably true all over the country. Three cheers for the people who keep it going. Wee Sis, you would have won the birthday card class easy.
Tags: daffodils, flower shows, gardening

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