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Books to furnish a room

I'm often amused by the ways people list their books on eBay. There's WOW! or L@@K! or 'Very Old Book' (published 1960s).
Then there's 'Retro Style' (Children's Press) and Vintage Look. I am particularly charmed by the title of a current auction:
'29 Old Antique Vintage Decor Decorative Books Job Lot
Shabby Chic Look For Interior Decorating Warm Tones'
One way to shift some rubbishy books no one wants, I suppose. You want shabby chic?

There you go. Of course I didn't buy these by the yard and could probably have chosen better examples. I know my readers will want to know what some of the books are, so click on the pic and you can read the titles.

Tags: books, home decoration
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