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Knowing where you've been

The weather was so fab today that I finished some jobs I usually do in March, like pruning the hydrangeas. Cutting down perennial stems in my largest bed I had almost a worm's eye view. I love this, being down on a level with the plants. Did you ever, as a child, spend time lying on the grass lazily watching an ant climb a grass stalk? Something like that only harder on the back. Back in the house I could 'see where I'd been' as gardeners say, as the view was much improved. I could also feel where I'd been, as my hair was full of seeds and other debris. This is why all Real Gardeners wear hats. I took a few pics while I was out.

If there's room in the garden for wild plants it's nice to have them. I have far too many wild arums and struggle to get them out of the borders. In a wilder spot I'm happy to see them looking sinister, like this.

Bluebells under an apple tree.

Naturalised anemones
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