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Do you like pony books?

Then Listen Again to Saturday Live, R4 with Fi Glover. I got in from the market, sat down with a cup of coffee and a large slice of carrot cake, switched on the radio and heard the pleasant tones of Jane Badger, who has a blog (see left) and also a lovely site where she sells pony books. The strange thing is that although I've never spoken to Jane except by email I guessed at once that it was her speaking. (Jane, if you read this, I would sometimes like to comment on your blog but time and again Google tells me my password is wrong (!) and I can't.)

My marketing was very successful this morning. I fell in love with and bought a beautiful pelargonium with almost black flowers, called 'Black Butterfly'. Also picked up some herb and lettuce plants. For the small amount I need, it's just not worth raising them myself from seed.

Books were also plentiful today. A chap I mentally call Geordie because of his lovely accent had boxes and boxes of 'em, a pound each and he kindly called out to me 'children's books in this one!'. Much rummaging went on and an old chap said, 'we're like pigs in muck here'. True! I spent a tenner with him then did a little deal with a regular stallholder there which got me my money back. I'm thinking of starting a second blog, called maybe churchmouse or secondhandrose, all about how to live on very little money.
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