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True confessions

First I have to show off my new icon, courtesy of redscharlach. Miranda Richardson squeaking from the cupboard under the stairs is IMO the funniest moment in the entire Blackadder series.

My confession is that I used to be a snob who wouldn't have dreamt of reading anything that looked like chicklit. Completely ridiculous in someone who enjoyed Georgette Heyer, Margery Allingham and many other writers of older (and therefore more acceptable?) light fiction. Now I revel in Katie Fforde and I bought three more of her books on a successful trawl of local charity shops this morning. She picks subjects that interest me: garden design in Wild Designs, market gardening in Thyme Out, antiques in Flora's Lot, which I'm reading now. What I really love is the Englishness of the books. The cups of tea, the hot water bottles, the listening to the World Service when you can't sleep. She manages to tick all the boxes and it's such fun to have a reliably 'nice book' to hand. Middlebrow, moi?
Tags: katie fforde, light fiction
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