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Over on The Fidra Blog last week Vanessa was praising One Good Turn by Kate Atkinson, a novel set in Edinburgh. By coincidence, that very day I had picked up a copy of Case Histories, set in Cambridge. Like most people who've read it I loved Behind the Scenes at the Museum but after that I just didn't keep up with Kate Atkinson and this is the first book of hers I've read since that huge success. My mistake was to start reading it in bed because, trust me, once you start this book you don't want to stop. It begins unusually for a mystery in that all the circumstances of the three cases are set out in the first three chapters. After Chapter One, you know what the outcome of the next two is likely to be and read on, wincing in advance. Three disappearances or deaths which apparently will turn out to be linked. So far in my reading the link is the investigations of Jackson Brodie, ex-copper and now private investigator with a predictably troubled private life and a welcome sense of humour. This is a real page turner.

In other news, an afternoon of weeding toil (it was not warm!) has left me with an aching back. When I came indoors I switched on the cricket commentary and shortly afterwards it was all over. What a let down.
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