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European Capital of Nostalgia

BBC 2 showed the Paul McCartney concert at Anfield, celebrating Liverpool's year as European Capital of Culture. So I recorded it, watched it in snippets later on and thought it terrible. His voice was shot, the band not hot, the sound poor. There was a particularly ill-judged rendition of George Harrison's beautiful Something accompanied by the ukelele, for goodness sake. What is even the point? Well, the second half was better. Paul was very generous, I thought, in singing Give Peace a Chance with Mrs Lennon in the audience. Everyone there knew all the words to all the songs. I am so word and note perfect myself that if a Beatles' song were playing on the radio and I left the room singing it to myself I would come back in well within a gnat's crochet. And actually, if I had the chance to go to a McCartney concert, I would; just to say, Thank you.

BTW that is an original Beatles Show programme from 1963. With their signatures cut off. Woe!
Tags: beatles, liverpool, nostalgia, paul mccartney

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