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Rural interlude

I've spent the whole morning rushing around to no great purpose. One of the things I did was to go to my favourite, seldom-held car boot sale. I didn't buy anything but for once I remembered my camera.

The grass on the green was long and full of meadow buttercups. Too breezy to take a close up of the flowers.

The cricket pavilion. I preferred the old tumbledown one but the National Trust must have everything chocolate box.

One's dream seventeenth century house, across the green.

Must be a school near here?

Here it is. Someone had inconsiderately parked outside, so I couldn't get a wider view.

All thanks to seventeenth century benevolence. God bless Roger Gillingham, 1698.

Cottage on the way home, taken through windscreen. Memo to self: Must clean car.

Now I'm about to drive down a one car wide, twisting and very steep road. The Minster Church seen in the distance.

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