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Sight Unseen

Since discovering Robert Goddard’s books earlier this year, I’ve made sure to have a few on hand for that occasion when I want to escape into a gripping novel. Yesterday was such an occasion and I went for Sight Unseen. The story starts at Avebury in July 1981. A young PhD student, David Umber, is waiting to meet a stranger who has promised him a document to help with his historical researches. As he sits, an extraordinary scene takes place before his eyes: a child is abducted in front of several witnesses. Worse follows. The mysterious contact never shows up. Twenty years later the past catches up with everyone involved and in his attempt to find out what really happened, and why, David is in constant danger from unknown enemies determined to prevent the truth coming out. This being Goddard, the modern story is strangely linked to an eighteenth century historical mystery. Had me enthralled from beginning to end.
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