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Not Dr Who, but the Wimbledon final which is proving too much for my nerves. Play has just stopped again and I don't see how they can finish the match this evening. I want Nadal to win... Edit: Thank goodness it's over! What a pair of gladiators. The wind, the rain, the dark and still whenever one of them was knocked down he just got up again. Pity one had to lose. I'm exhausted and I was just watching.

It's not just the tennis that's been putting the wind up me. I had just sat down with my knitting for the start of play when I saw a pair of antlers above the window sill. There was that deer again and I followed him round the house and snapped him in the act of eating the strawberry leaves he has taken such a fancy to.

I heard on the radio that play had resumed, went into the sitting room and saw the deer staring in the window at me. Now the sitting room has windows front and back and there have been unpleasant accidents in the past when stupid pigeons have tried to fly through and brained themselves. I got so nervous that the damn deer might try to jump through the window that I put the shutter down. Now I'm wondering if there's something wrong with it, acting so boldly and having a mangy looking neck.

These leaves are yum.

Look behind you!
Tags: deer, garden, wimbledon

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