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Sweet New England

After polishing off another brilliant Robert Goddard (Borrowed Time), I'm now reading Good Harbor by Anita Diamant. This was recommended by a friend who said, 'She wrote The Red Tent, you know?' Nope, I didn't know; never heard of it or the author. It's not doing much for me as it seems too purpose-designed to push the buttons of reading women of a certain age. I do like the descriptions of the New England seascape and the real purpose of this post is to point out the madly topical connection (for me) between Kathleen's collection of day lilies and the lovely pictures of them which Nan is posting over on Letters from a Hill Farm. One day I really must see New England for myself.

Nothing to do with this but I have just heard a traffic reporter on the radio refer to 'Toe-sester'. Tsk!
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