callmemadam (callmemadam) wrote,

Plant Curiosities

A boring pink Japanese anemone.

It's flowering at least six feet up in the air, about twice its normal height. As many perennials will do, it has found a nearby shrub and used it to hoik itself up towards the sky. This looks very strange from the house because you can't see the stems at all, just floating pink flowers. Here it is at normal level, bashed about by recent wind and rain.

I would never plant such a dull thug again. A much better plant is this nice double anemone, 'Whirlwind', which I like a lot. It's done well this year because it doesn't like dry soil.

Not many people grow Eucomis bicolor (or Pineapple plant) in the open ground but I find it completely hardy here. It's late into growth, so you have to be careful not to tread on it or dig it up by mistake.

I like the spotted stems, broad leaves (slugs like those, too) and tufty top. There are some lovely purple forms and they all make good pot plants which you can over-winter somewhere frost free and bring out in summer.

The curiosity? It's pollinated by flies, which you can see in horrid detail by clicking on the pic a few times.

Tags: eucomis, gardening, japanese anemones, pineapple plants

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