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Sour and Sweet

What a spiffing idea! Describe some of the scrummy meals enjoyed by children in books of ‘the golden age’, add some of the charming illustrations and provide recipes so the reader can share nostalgic treats with the family. A lot of people will enjoy Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer a lot but I was sadly disappointed. Given the range of children’s books available, the number selected from is very few and about 80% of those are by Enid Blyton. Then to lump Antonia Forest together with Angela Brazil and Anthony Buckeridge as an author of ‘dozens of school stories’ doesn’t show much familiarity with the genre. Worse though, for me, is the authorial tone; I don’t like to feel patronized.

Tamzin Grey’s Westling Supper
packet of cornflakes (from Smiling Morn’s grocery shop), milk (use only full cream, unpasteurised milk from Castle Farm), banana, sugar if desired
Put cornflakes in a pretty bowl. Pour on milk. Unpeel banana, slice onto cornflakes. Eat.
This will set you up for climbing out of your bedroom window and down the drainpipe.

Elizabeth Ann Langton’s Nettleford Tea
1 shabby vicarage, 1 twinkling vicar, 1 kindly mother, 1 cute younger brother, roaring fire, bread
Slice bread. Kneel on hearthrug. Place bread on toasting fork and toast at fire until nicely browned on both sides. Hand round politely.
Fortifies you for some bad news you are about to get.

Jacqueline Wilson’s all-purpose, all day filler
Nearest branch of McDonald’s, cash
Go to McDonalds. Order burgers, fries, Coke or milkshake.
Fits you for the real world.
Tags: food in children's books
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