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The Grass Ceiling

The BBC has announced the appointment of a new front man for Gardeners' World, one Toby Buckland. Who? Nobody's ever heard of him. This is a top job and for me, no one could replace Geoff Hamilton. I never liked Monty Don because, like me, he is an amateur gardener and so I objected to his lectures and his didactic preaching of the organic message. All previous presenters had been professionals; if Alan Titchmarsh showed you how to take a cutting or do some grafting, you knew it was the Kew way and the right way.

This is Carol Klein. She has been a horticultural professional for years, running her own nursery and winning six gold medals at Chelsea Flower Show. She's been a regular TV presenter and took over Gardeners' World at short notice when Monty Don became ill. Apparently, viewers have assumed that Carol turned down the job but no, she was never even offered it. Could the fact that she is a woman and aged 63 have anything to do with that decision? TBH she's not my favourite person but this has made me fume.
Tags: ageism, carol klein, feminism, gardeners' world, gardening
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