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Radio Daze

People who like Flanders and Swann as much as I do would enjoy For One Night Only, where Paul Gambaccini looked at the recording of At the Drop of Another Hat, produced by George Martin. Not enough of their songs to please me but very welcome comment and analysis from Kit Hesketh-Harvey of Kit and the Widow.

George Martin popped up again on The Record Producers, which this week was about Brian Wilson. This was really excellent because it took the music seriously. Someone recently referred disparagingly to my love of what he called ‘harmony pop’ but just listening to this programme would convince anyone that there’s more to Brian Wilson than that. True musicos think that Good Vibrations and Smile are his greatest achievement but for me the two best tracks he ever made are Wouldn’t It Be Nice/God Only Knows. (That’s a link to a youtube video but LJ, it seems, is too unpopular to get a direct link.) There’s to be a producer’s cut version of this programme on 6 Music next Saturday, which promises in-depth analysis of how God Only Knows was put together.

Finally, a touching little programme on Radio 4 yesterday evening, Once Upon a Time on the Front Line. Hearing a Daddy voice reading, ‘Once there was a little girl called Sophie and she was having tea with her mother in the kitchen’ brought a tear to my eye.
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