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Sumer is i-Cumin In too fast

The long winter meant that spring got somehow squashed, so that one couldn't enjoy it. Some flowers like Lilies of the Valley and the choicer celandines were out and over in an augenblick and were almost missed. No sooner were the Aquilegias and first hardy geraniums in flower than it was time to chop them down again. While doing this today in an overgrown patch I managed to brush the whole of one bare arm against a fine stand of nettles which I hadn't noticed. Ouch.

I associate foxgloves with Chelsea because there are always such wonderful ones at the show and mine flower at the same time. Last week not a single one was out but they are splendid now. In a good example of Sod's Law, some plants which I had grown from seed saved from 'Primrose Carousel' and planted out last autumn, have turned into towering pink spires, while a self-seeder in about half an inch of soil behind the cold frame is a lovely pale yellow.

In flower now, amongst many other plants, are the first rose of summer, the Sweet Williams-which-should-have-been-wallflowers and the broad beans. But my sweet peas are absolutely refusing to grow and I usually count on picking this month. I've been working jolly hard weeding in this patch, so it is pretty tidy at the moment. The lettuces look like emeralds and rubies: it will be a shame to eat them and spoil the pattern.
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