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January 2019



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Five Characters Who've Found An Author

Here’s a meme from rosathome
Comment on this post.
I will give you a letter.
Think of 5 fictional characters and post their names and your comments on these characters in your LJ.

She’s given me the letter ‘M’. You're very welcome to comment, whether or not you want a letter!

Meryon Fairbrass. Descended from Sussex pirates, he is tough, handsome, clever, amusing. You’d think he was too good to be true except that his creator, Monica Edwards, based him on a real life boy whom she said was all that and more. Forms one of the Westling foursome with Tamzin, Rissa and Roger.

Mary of the John & Mary books by Grace James. She’s sensible, realistic, more of a Martha, really. One of the reasons I like her so much is that I feel all the characters in the books and the author herself preferred John.

Miss Mole. Not really a favourite character but a good excuse to push again the novels of E H Young, which I enjoy so much. A single woman with no money, dependent on dreary work but finding happiness by defying convention. A much better book IMO than Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day.

Mrs Morland, ‘happily widowed’ writer of detective stories. She features in many of Angela Thirkell’s Barsetshire novels, starting with High Rising. Apparently vague and disorganized (her hair is always coming down); actually hard working single mother of four boys. Her son Tony is much fancied by aficionados.

Jonathan ‘Jonah’ Mansel, cousin of Berry in the novels of Dornford Yates. War hero, ace driver of only the best cars, murderer (only murders villains, so that’s OK), a man of wealth and taste.


Oh, go on, I'll have a consonant, please.
Have a T.

I'm doing all this on the basis of the first thing that comes into my head.
I've done this - getting it from sloopjonb - but I just wanted to say how lovely to see someong else who knows Jonah!
Hello, snap! I've known the Berry clan since I was a child because there was a set of the books at home and I read anything. I now have all Dornford Yates' books and every now and then enjoy a re-read.


Five Characters...

Oh, I do love Mrs Morland. I'm not a Thirkell reader, but I loved The Demon in the House absolutely to pieces! I actually wrote a little review of it for myself in the time before blogs. :<) Wanna hear it? Okay, :<) here it is:
This book features Tony, the 4th son of Laura Morland who was introduced in High Rising. He is now thirteen, and this is his last year when he is the oldest in school. At the end of the book he goes off to the "upper form", where he will be the youngest and essentially starting all over again. The book is an expression of the deep love between the single (widowed- happily) mother and her last child at home. The wonder to me is that almost 70 years ago, she was worrying in the same way I do. When he goes off alone on his bike to a family picnic, she decides to have him go first while she follows in the car, rather than having him follow her. That way, if he crashes she will come upon him instead of worrying when he doesn't show up. This is just the
sort of nutty thing I would do. The characters in this book are wonderfully drawn, and the reader feels a real affinity and love for them.

Re: Five Characters...

That's lovely. I think Mrs Morland was more relaxed about Tony, as the youngest, in spite of her worrying. I love the later story Summer Half when Tony and his friends are older. Typically clever, annoying public schoolboys. Later, ISTR, he becomes a civil servant.


Re: Five Characters...

Did I miss what ISTR is? I do think mothers of boys are different in some way from mothers of girls.

Re: Five Characters...

I seem to recall? Did I miss something there?