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January 2019



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I've had a jumper on the go for months. At last I said, No more socks or other projects until you finish this one' and it concentrated the mind wonderfully. I started with this lovely yarn

Jaeger Baby Merino 4 Ply, which was a present. I really prefer knitting with wool and I also like using small needles (13 & 11) because of the nice smooth texture you get.

I knew I wanted to make something deliberately old fashioned looking and I picked this pattern called Lily of the Valley. It's not, as you might think, something from the 1950s but a 1970s pattern by Patricia Roberts. Here's the back.

Those bobbles are pretty time-consuming but not as tedious as making the neck band for the front

or setting in the sleeves. Now it's finished I'm quite pleased with it. I should cross post this to Ravelry now that I'm on at last but I'll have to find time first. There's a close up of the pattern detail here.


Oh, that is beautiful! The yarn and the pattern! But it must have been a lot of work. No wonder it took you a while ...
Thank you! Yes it was slow because it was the kind of pattern I couldn't memorise and had to keep in front of me the whole time. Now I have a tank top (!) to knit for huskyteer and *then* I can make some more socks!
This is a dilemma I am currently having: do I finish the Daisy jacket (hard work) before I start on some more socks, or can I do that now? I have finished a whole pair of socks since I started the Daisy jacket :-)

(It can be for Christmas if you'd prefer. I won't explode with impatience in the meantime...probably.)
That's really beautiful. Knitting a full garment in 4-ply is a laborious task, but your work really shows. I love the clusters.
Thank you! Yes, I somehow feel the 4 ply fiddle is the real thing.
That looks lovely! I made a lacy hoodie in 4 ply a while ago, it took ages, but I love it and have worn it loads already.

And hurrah for you being on Ravelry now! Makes it much easier to link things for you :)
Thank you! But wow! What was I complaining about? I can't believe the work in that hoodie. I hope you've had massive compliments on its outings.

Yes, hurrah for Ravelry once I get going on it! I'm rather short of time at the moment.
It was a lot of work, but once I got going with the lace pattern it wasn't too bad. The icord edging was the worst part, that seemed to take forever, and then I had to redo the hood edging, at which point I nearly lost the will to live, but I made myself do it.

It's had lots of compliments! Some of the 'oh, I thought you'd bought it' variety, which I'm never quite sure are compliments, but it seems best to treat them that way....

Ravelry is a huge time waster, but it's worth it for the inspiration it provides - I love being able to look up projects I'm thinking of doing or yarns I want to use, and seeming people's opinions of them, and their finished objects. The forums are useful too.
I love Ravelry. If ever I'm interviewing the designer, it's a really speedy way to see their output in one place.

I am on there incognito - I don't want to get loads of people emailing me demanding to know why their subscription hasn't turned up, why we don't print patterns they like and so on. So I never let on to my job on Ravelry!
Ooh, the sekrit knitter. I don't blame you! I'm looking forward to having time to browse Ravelry for patterns and ideas.
Definitely a good idea! Although you did confuse me when you changed your Rav name - I knew you were in my friends list, but then I couldn't find you....


I like the colour and the pattern. That top would look nice with a pair of 1940's style trousers and heels. Very Katherine Hepburn! Nicola
Thank you. You're absolutely right about the trousers. I'll have to make do with jeans, though.


It's lovely Barbara and to think you were only starting the second sleeve last Saturday! Is it Diorissimo that was Lily of the Valley scent? It's so elegant it looks like you should have a perfumed hankie in those 1940s made-for-tall-women wide slacks! Bet it'll be warm too.
Thank you! I certainly persevered with it.

'those 1940s made-for-tall-women wide slacks!'
Ha ha, no use to me, alas!