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Last Days of Summer

Almost the first days, as this is the best weather we've had since May. This morning there was a lot of fog but it cleared to make way for a beautiful Indian Summer's day. As well as the market I fitted in a book fair this morning, then this afternoon took a stroll round town and remembered my camera. I'd hoped for a lot of photographs of the hanging baskets and tubs which are looking at their best just now. Unfortunately the pictures were rubbish so there's just these.

Probably the last match of the season. They play club and also minor counties' cricket here. This is the ground Waitrose want to build a supermarket on but it looks as if the planners won't allow it. I'd love a Waitrose but not here.

Window box outside a shop I was in (I bought, since you ask). There are quite a few shops here in old buildings, as you can see from this fireplace in the changing room.

I love this time of year.
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