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Twiggy and Me

Recession? Swap a frock! Yesterday evening BBC2 brought us TV swishing with Twiggy’s Frock Exchange. This failed on several counts. Twiggy, however delightful, has a weak voice and is not a natural presenter. There were bizarre attempts at suspense: who will get the Manolos? Who cares? I do find this sort of programme fun, though, and always resolve to make more of an effort with my clothes the next day. It’s interesting to see Twiggy everywhere since she became the face of M & S. Hard to exaggerate just how ubiquitous she was in the sixties. Here, the face behind the keyhole, 1967.

And here on a knitting pattern.

In those days she was a waif and I was a lump but now I think I’m thinner than she is! Who’d 'a’ thought it?

Then I relived my youth watching British Style Genius (more Twiggy). This was slightly schizophrenic as it argued on the one hand that fashion in Britain comes from the street; on the other that true class comes from top stylists and master cutters like Ossie Clark. I really enjoyed seeing all the Mary Quant designs which were just a Honey dream to me at school but so influential.

I’ve always loved this picture

Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy by David Hockney
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