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March 2019



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Mastermind, Monica & Moving

Thank goodness for the BBC iPlayer. I completely forgot to watch yesterday's Mastermind with san_valentine answering questions on 'The Romney Marsh novels of Monica Edwards'. She was brilliant! Every answer right and she went on to win the contest. It was rather shocking how many answers I was able to get without any revision. Mastermind won't be repeated next week so here's the link.

As moving day approaches, my clearing gets more and more ruthless. Yesterday I made my third assault on the laundry, which also serves as a sort of gardening annexe to the Big Shed. Having decided that three ancient Barbours were two too many, I went through them looking for the odd pound coin and anything incriminating. In just one pocket I found:
a knife
a pair of tweezers
a packet of tissues
a packet of seeds stamped 'sow before 1998'
a NCCPG packet of seeds, Papaver rhoeas 'Cedric Morris'. I'll keep those; poppy seeds stay viable for ever, right?
a box of matches
a pencil
three plant labels
an ancient planting plan for a new border.

Wot, no string or sealing wax? The Barbours and another carload of goods have gone to the dump and believe it or not, the boot is full again already.



Fancy dumping all those crucial things!

Re: Decluttering

Ha! You should see what I'm dumping. I'm moving from a big house to a tiny cottage.

Re: Decluttering

Don't do as we did and fail to de-clutter adequately before the move. Fifteen years' on we've added to all the clutter we brought with us and now I lie awake at night wondering whether the joists in the loft are strong enough. To make matters worse, we're 15 years older and no one is capable of getting up to the loft to clear it out!

Re: Decluttering

Sound advice! I won't have a loft or a garage so I have to be pretty strict. I keep telling myself that if a thing hasn't been used in X years it can't be wanted but for an austerity baby there's always that feeling that a thing 'might come in useful'. How pure and free I should feel without all this junk!
Good luck with all of it - the decisions, the dumping and then the moving. I wish you strength and energy!
Thank you so much. I alternate between excitement and terror. Books make for the hardest decisions:-)