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January 2019



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I bought these today because I was there and because I deserved a treat after a horrible week. I'd driven miles to pick something up and on the way back, en route for yet another visit to the dump and the book bank, I thought I might as well pop in to Hobbycraft, as I'm not that way very often. I went straight to the yarn sale shelf and for £10.00 I got a Rowan pattern book and three balls of Rowan Lux, which is going to make a nice soft scarf. The colour is Gigli and it's a softer green than it looks in the photo. All Rowan Lux half price at Hobbycraft, folks! I liked the Amethyst.

Looking at the rest of the yarn, I was very taken with Rowan Colourscape Chunky by Kaffe Fassett. Gorgeous colours but it's chunky, quite expensive and I couldn't think of anything to make with it. Like I need more yarn, anyway.


Oh my!! I've just clicked on that link and I am absolutely mad about the red colourway. I will have to forget that thought until I have finished at least 5 more projects!

Rosie is absolutely besotted with the surprise, btw, she keeps picking it up and feeling it, and she says she is going to copy it.


Dave Clark Five

I saw your topic title, and was certain you were blogging about one of my fave all time songs. :<)

Re: Dave Clark Five

Ha! Not very likely as I'm not much of a DCF fan.
The colours look even better in RL. Very tempting.

Design inspiration! Good. Ooh, I keep nearly writing something that will give away your secret:-)
Me too! I was very cautious about saying what was in the parcel in case any of the friends we have in common were horribly jealous (I would have been haha!) but to be honest they are such a lovely lot that I'm sure they wouldn't be.
Very lovely. I am glad you found a treat - you deserve it.
Thank you. It will spur me on to finish the tank top of doom. The knitting was fine, it's the bands and all those ends to sew in. Hurrah for socks.