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More News From Mars

Last post it was The Good Life, now it’s back to the seventies again with Golden Hands. Turning out my cupboards and throwing away the contents, I’ve hung on to my copies of Golden Hands magazine as they are so evocative of their period. The nice lady who runs our new wool shop has named it ‘Golden Hands’ in homage. huskyteer wanted a tank top and where better to turn?

You should see the crocheted bikinis.

The weight of yarn recommended for this pattern is no longer available so with advice from the shop I used Stylecraft Life DK.

The wearer specified ‘not tight’ so the finished article looks less like a tank top than a sleeveless pullover. Whatever, it should be nice and cosy.

You know you want one!
Tags: 1970s, clothes, golden hands, knitting

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