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February 2019



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Old Men Remember


My granddad definitely did. One of the things that he never lost, even as the motor neurone took away a lot of his thinking, was Belsen, where he helped clear up after the liberation. (He was an army pathologist/ bacteriologist). One of my favourite photos of him is at the sphinx on the day WWII broke out. Even though I listened to his stories, I never realised that he'd been captured, briefly, by the Germans in the desert until last year. Dad and I were looking through his photo album last summer and came across a photo Granddad took of several smiling Germans with their plane. Dad had known he was captured, but had never seen the photo before. I often wonder how he came to take it, and why, and what happened to all the men and women in the photo album.

We bumped into a couple of TA chaps at the train station a couple of weeks ago. Worst Late Western hadn't bothered to put up signs saying they'd replaced one train with a bus, but Pete and I retrieved them and bought them a beer. One, only 18, had put in to serve in Afghanistan. It was a sobering thing to think that if I ever saw him again, it would most likely be on the news...

I get sentimental about soldiers, probably because my dad was in the air force (and at least 3 generations before him in the army).
It will never go away; nor should it. Both my grandfathers fought in the First World War and as far as I know, they never spoke about it.
I hope you don't mind, but I've added you to my f-list (I came across you via gghost), as I find your journal an interesting read :-)
You're very welcome! Love that icon.