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The Unadventurous Knitter

It was third time lucky for this sock (apologies for the photo) knitted in Colinette Jitterbug sock yarn. I decided to try a pattern and picked one with a slip stitch design. I worked the six pattern rounds and got a nice textured pattern; the trouble was, it was quite a tight honeycomb look, not the desired Lazy Daisy effect. So I frogged that and tried a very simple ‘ynfwd then pass stitch over next three’ idea, which gives a sort of brick effect. I decided this added nothing at all to the sock so that came out too and it was back to the same old socks I always make, only varying the rib and the needle size.

I’m a stick-in-the-mud generally when it comes to socks. Sometimes a new sock pattern will take my fancy but as soon as I see that it calls for a circular needle, a provisional cast on, wrapping stitches to shape the heel or some other daring innovation I recoil in horror and see if I can adapt the design to my safe old ways. I still need to check a pattern when I get to the heel, just in case, and as for grafting the toe,

which still seems to me like magic, I reach for the Encyclopaedia of Knitting and learn all over again. It’s thanks to dovegreyreader that I know this method of grafting is called Kitchener stitch. I laughed out loud at her recent account of her knitting technique, which you can read here. I knit like a lady, apparently.

This shade is Copperbeach if you go by the ball band; Copper Beech according to most web sites. The brown(ish) sock will remain a singleton for a while, as I’ve moved on to Christmas presents. I’m changing my mind about Colinette being my favourite sock yarn and starting to favour Regia. This is their Design Line by Kaffe Fassett: ‘Carribbean’. It’s gorgeous!

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