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January 2019



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In love with...

Milton Jones. Hurrah for something in the 6.30 Radio 4 comedy slot that I actually find funny. I tend to like the wordy, densely scripted programmes like Clare in the Community and Ed Reardon. Another Case of Milton Jones is available on Listen Again through the link I've given.

Elsewhere on Radio 4: wasn't Brian sweet to Peggy this evening?


Archers: I hope not! But Brenda has always had shocking taste in men and I wouldn't trust Tom.
I do have to be in the right mood for Milton Jones. Sometimes it's just too silly/surreal. I once saw him live and he was excellent.
I like surreal and I also like that there are so many jokes you have to concentrate or you've missed one. Fawlty Towers syndrome.
Peggy being poorly is bringing out the best in everyone it would seem, including die-hard rotters. I almost fell for Matt recently for the way he talked to Jack, and I thought that Tom was very sweet, too, but there again he's always brought out the best in his gran.
Yes, Matt was really kind and sensible. Funny how a Gran will pick the worst of the bunch for her favourite. Erm, no, maybe Helen is worse than Tom. Hard to see how Peggy can carry on as she is but there are so many faults in this story. Why hasn't a doctor or anyone from the local practice been round to check up on her? The Archers bubble again.
Pete loves Milton Jones, but then he's a massive fan of punning. I find it better than a lot of the stuff in the comedy slot - Count Arthur Strong being one thing that's guaranteed to have me turning off. I enjoy the News Quiz and the Now Show.
I've gone right off The News Quiz as it seems to have become insufferably smug. I often switch it off now and like you I can't bear Count Arthur Strong. It's like he's trying to do a John Shuttleworth but completely failing.