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March 2019



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Who's Queen?

What am I like?

(Quoting Karen and her friend from Outnumbered playing Silly Mummies.) I might be moving very soon, I do a run to the dump or the charity shops nearly every day but I still went to the market and a book fair today. It was bitterly cold down there this morning, so that by the time I was queuing at the post office with a parcel my legs were numb. Some things you just can't leave behind, like all these Miss Read books for £2.50. Miss Read is an author whose books I've acquired, disposed of and bought again over the years. I enjoy the early books about the school but the later in the series, the more boring the book, I find. Just now, I'm in the mood for them.

Yarn at 20p a ball. The Jaeger is a dull colour but I plan to mix it with another one. The baby yarn will make more bedsocks. Then there was a bag of vintage craft books:

I didn't know what was inside and I wasn't disappointed. Plus all the lovely pomegranates and other fruit & vegetable goodies to be had so cheaply.

At the book fair, how could I resist a book with this cover?

Or this?

Rather a bargain as I've never seen one with a dustwrapper. It was dark at two o'clock, no kidding, and cold enough for snow although it was only raining, so I was glad I had so much knitting, reading (a good haul from the library, too), browsing and a Q**z to do.


That is an excellent morning's shopping! I haven't read the Miss Read books in a long while. I must do so again.
My total spend was really very small. You have to be in the mood for Miss Read.
I tried Miss Read once years ago, but gave up when nothing seemed to happen. One day I'll give her another go, I see plenty of them around. Of course that'll be when they dry up.

The Matchmaker was a bargain! It'd make a nice lacy scarf or shawl.

And that Guide book is very pretty.
You don't read Miss Read for the plot; nothing happening is the point, really. I like the period interest of the early ones.

The yarn was certainly a bargain and I'm only sorry I missed the best of what the seller had. Obviously culling her stash, as you must sometimes. I gave a load to a charity shop and it disappeared very quickly.

The dustwrapper is really lovely, with a wraparound design. I've already got the first book and the stories don't live up to the cover. I can't understand why they didn't commission people known for writing GG books.

I like Miss Read but like you I prefer the earlier ones. I love Thrush Green and Winter in thrush Green for example.

I'm spoilt as I have access to my Mum's collection of firsts in dw.
Thank you! I think I did well. My spending is not likely to please Gordon Brown, though, as no VAT or high street store was involved. Scraping by on the cash economy, that's what people are doing.

Your mum's collection sounds great! I've bought and sold so many over the years, including a signed first. One of those authors I'm always changing my mind about.
Oh super! See you did very well! As you know, I'm a big Miss Read fan. I credit her with getting me through a year hanging around hospital and doctor surgeries. I like the latter ones as well, and of course it's the series factor that makes it so fun. She did the two so well. Do you like No Holly for Miss Quinn and the Christmas books very much this time of year.
Looks like a very good haul!
We're sorting books here, and to free up space I've been tempted to put a few odds and ends in the charity shop box along with the duplicates, but I'm sure I'll want them back some time if I part with them now. Decisions, decisions.
I thought so!

'but I'm sure I'll want them back some time if I part with them now.'

Oh you will! The decision has to be based on which ones you think you could never find/afford again. I even keep some duplicates because you never know when you might need the paperback to slip into your pocket, do you? This is why I have three copies of The Pursuit of Love.
If you like quiet books about an English village, the Miss Read books are for you.
Oh, I do love the wolves! They look so happy.
I thought you'd like it! They're on the boards as well.