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What am I like?

(Quoting Karen and her friend from Outnumbered playing Silly Mummies.) I might be moving very soon, I do a run to the dump or the charity shops nearly every day but I still went to the market and a book fair today. It was bitterly cold down there this morning, so that by the time I was queuing at the post office with a parcel my legs were numb. Some things you just can't leave behind, like all these Miss Read books for £2.50. Miss Read is an author whose books I've acquired, disposed of and bought again over the years. I enjoy the early books about the school but the later in the series, the more boring the book, I find. Just now, I'm in the mood for them.

Yarn at 20p a ball. The Jaeger is a dull colour but I plan to mix it with another one. The baby yarn will make more bedsocks. Then there was a bag of vintage craft books:

I didn't know what was inside and I wasn't disappointed. Plus all the lovely pomegranates and other fruit & vegetable goodies to be had so cheaply.

At the book fair, how could I resist a book with this cover?

Or this?

Rather a bargain as I've never seen one with a dustwrapper. It was dark at two o'clock, no kidding, and cold enough for snow although it was only raining, so I was glad I had so much knitting, reading (a good haul from the library, too), browsing and a Q**z to do.
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