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March 2019



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Which Penguin Mug?

ramblingfancy's recent post reminded me that I can never make up my mind which Penguin mug I would most like. So here's a poll for you to pick your favourite.

Poll #1309817 Which Penguin Mug?

Which Penguin mug would you choose?

Pride & Prejudice
Casebook of Sherlock Holmes
Murder at the Vicarage
Wuthering Heights
A Room of One's Own
Great Expectations
Jane Eyre
The Great Gatsby
My Man Jeeves
Bonjour Tristesse
The Invisible Man
Brave New World
The Big Sleep

Which title do you think Penguin should add to the list?


I really prefer the Pigeon Post one I already have.


I voted for three things.

Middlemarch? If I could wipe one book from the face of the planet, Middlemarch would be a strong contender, although that's probably the result of having had it as a set text at university and lectured on it by a strongly feminist lecturer. Literally hours of joyless tedium...
That is such a shame. I adore Middlemarch, but I have never had to sit through a single hour of tedious feminist lecture on it. But I really couldn't imagine wanting to read anything by L. P. Hartley...
I always confuse L.P. Hartley with J.R. Hartley.

Why did you vote against Middlemarch if you adore it?

Also, I thought you were working...
I meant to click Middlemarch and Other, but pressed Submit by mistake.

L. P. Hartley = The Go-Between. I once wrote an essay on the importance of the cricket match in alleviating the otherwise unrelieved tedium of this novel. I didn't get a very good mark for it but there was an enormous sense of satisfaction in saying exactly what I thought.
J. R. Hartley = Fly Fishing

I am. You didn't see me here...
Middlemarch is my favourite book! So naturally I can never see why other people hate it. :-) I would hate to be lectured on it: it's mine!
Perhaps I should read it again. Lots of people love it, so I clearly missed something!
I would like a 39 Steps mug.
Good choice! There's a Christmas trailer on TV at the moment and part of it looks very much as if it might be Rupert Penry-Jones in 39 Steps. Heard anything?
I'm pretty sure it is RPJ being all 39 Steps.

Wish he'd do some theatre again. He's the only Cambridge Spy that I have not seen on stage, and for whom I do not have an autograph.

Ooh! That sounds lovely festive viewing.
Can't wait. He's too good looking for it, really.
Buchan is proving popular but not up with Dame Agatha yet.
My boss has the "The Body in the Library" mug, which is very appropriate since we work in a library. Unfortunately I can't choose that one because I don't want to be a copycat, so I'm going for "A Room of One's Own".

It would also be nice to start the day with "Great Expectations", better anyway than with "Bonjour tristesse".
Heh! The intellectual of the Flist :-).

Very true, ha ha!
I like Middlemarch very much, although I would most like a Gaskell mug preferably Cranford I think. Or a Trollope - Can You Forgive Her? I love the Ransome ones too -I am drinking from "We didn't mean to go to Sea" this minute :-) For a smaller mug have you seen the Poole Pottery Quentin Blake ones? They're adorable though not I suppose linked to a specific book. M went through collecting the Bramley Hedge mugs which are quite gorgeous and almost fine china. I of course have managed to chip one so now it's the three seasons. Hey ho!
If I had a Cranford mug I'd like one with Brock-style illustrations on it.

The Poole mugs sound nice, I must check them out. Bramley Hedge is cute but we never got into it. Still have a Bunnikins and a Peter Rabbit!
I went for my fabourite book of the selection, but reading the comments from the more intellectual, I see I missed a trick. AND I didn't know there was a selection of Ransomes. I regularly drink from 'Swallows and Amazons'.
My idea *was* to find out people's favourite book on the list!

Three of us with Ransome mugs: Swallows & Amazons for ever!
In that case I hasten to add that for comfort reading I prefer Murder at the Vicarage and P & P to A Room of One's Own any day! :-)

(And I see nobody has voted for 1984 yet. I thought it was really good. I especially liked the chapter on Newspeak.)
Me too!

1984 is *so* good that we tend to forget that not everyone saw things as clearly as Orwell did; we think we had these ideas ourselves.
I have a Swallows and Amazons mug too! I also can never decide which Penguin mug I prefer, although I have Hotel Splendide at the moment. What I really yearn for is a deckchair.
Join the club!
The deckchairs are spiffing.
I have Body in the Library and also Swallows and Amazons, and indeed a Moomin mug, all of which I love dearly, but would really like to have P&P and/or Room of Ones Own as well. Which probably indicates I have as much trouble making my mind up about these things as you do!
And the icon to prove it! I've never seen a Moomin mug: don't tempt me.