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New Year, New Scarf, New Chum

The door to the sitting room in the cottage swings shut all by itself in a rather spooky manner. So I've replaced the wodge of newspaper which was keeping it open with this little chap. He's knitted, but not by me. The scarf was started a while back then put aside while I made Christmas presents; I finished it yesterday, watching Chocolat.

I didn't thread 440 beads as the pattern required, just let the metallic thread do its stuff. The edges looked dull so I finished them off with a crochet border. The colour in that photo is nothing like but this

is fairly accurate. I wished I'd done the whole thing in pattern rather than all that tedious stocking stitch. It's still just what one needs for the raw start we're getting to the year.

Tags: knitting, new home
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