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What Bob Dylan Did 35 Years Ago & Other Trivia

Yesterday, huskyteer and I went shopping in Poole. Considering that the borough contains some of the most expensive real estate in the world, it has a pretty down market shopping centre. Formerly the Arndale, now the Dolphin Centre, its Christmas display was muted this year and as usual there was a souk of tacky temporary stalls strung out down the middle, from which persistent people jump out at you, claimimg they can 'improve your nails' in spite of demands to desist. Anyway, one of these little stands was selling masses of calendars and diaries half price and on about our third pass huskyteer noticed these: Bob Dylan desk calendars, page a day, 365 items of useless information. I don't like it being called 'Bob Dylan Remembered', as he is still with us but how could I resist?

So, January 3rd. on this day. After eight years off the road, Dylan begins a 39-day US tour with The Band, starting at The Amphitheatre, Chicago, Illinois. The shows are recorded, for the live album Before The Flood 1974
362 to go!

We also hit the M & S sale, rather late as they didn't have much left but I bought a Per Una carpet bag which is big enough to take all my clutter *and* a book, so will be very useful.

In other news, I have absolutely had it with Epson. I installed a new wireless printer before I moved house and then successfully set up wireless printing from my laptop. I even managed to get the whole lot working again on moving here, with print capability from the PC and the laptop. Yesterday, I lost the wireless connection for the laptop and after sorting that out, found I'd lost the printer connection, although it still appeared in the control panel. So I have uninstalled it and tried, and tried and tried again to reinstall it but every time it fails to 'find the printer'. It's managed it three times before; why not now? I'll give it one last shot, then stop before I go quite mad.
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