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New Knits

Isn't this fun? It reminds me of the balls of rainbow wool I used to buy for 3d in the little wool shop at the end of the road. We often used it for French knitting, in the days when cotton reels were made of wood and you could bang nails into them. After Christmas I finished two projects I'd put aside while I made presents and then I wanted something really bright. OK, it's more socks but they will be jolly cheerful and by buying the yarn I'm helping my local shop stay open.

I've given in and bought The Knitter.

It costs £6.00 but it's full of serious patterns and I like nearly everything in it. Query: why do the editors of new magazines feel they have to print letters from Mrs Madeupname demanding a magazine just like this one?
Here's a pattern I particularly like, though not the ribbon.

The recommended yarn is Rowan Kidsilk Haze but the pattern says any 4ply mohair would do. I have enough mohair yarn in my stash for a dozen little tops like this and I made a tension square to try it out. Ouch! The tension was fine but I don't think I could stand to knit a whole sweater with it. People who have used and love Kidsilk Haze: does it knit smoothly without hurting your fingers or splitting stitches? If so, I'd be tempted.

I'm also wondering whether to take up the subscription and save money on future issues. Hmm. They might go bust. I might not always like the patterns. I burnt my fingers with Yarn Forward and only ever received one issue!
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