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January 2019



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Knotty Knitting

ramblingfancy isn't the only one struggling with knitting at the moment. I decided that I would after all make this top using Rowan Kidsilk Haze. I looked up the yarn on Ravelry and most people seemed to enjoy using it. So I checked the tension, cast on 109 stitches and got going. By the end of the sixth pattern row I was already out and this sort of work is very difficult to undo. I decided the problem was my eyesight; with grey needles and a fine, pale lilac yarn, I simply couldn't see what I was doing. So I ripped it.

I was in that kind of mood where I just had to do some lace knitting so I found a pair of coloured needles, looked for a lace pattern in my old encyclopaedia and started this:

It's called the Fern Leaf Pattern. Trouble is, what's it going to be? I could make a wispy little scarf. I could make squares or strips, maybe in different lace patterns and join them to make a wrap. Or I could go out and buy two pairs of needles, preferably very brightly coloured and which are the right size for the top and try again. What does the team think?


I'd like to but as land_girl says, I'd worry about making mistakes again.
A wispy scarf, I think, or a wrap. If it has been undone once, the chances are that you aren't going to enjoy doing it for worrying, and your fern leaf pattern is lovely.
You're right about the worrying. OTOH I've now got three balls of this expensive yarn and they would make a very long scarf! I've a sneaky feeling the yarn will be stashed for a while.
I asked Jen on the Knitter, and she said that strongly contrasting needles wouldn't hurt, and that knitting against a dark background might also help.

I'm not a fan of KSH myself (I find it a wee bit itchy), and I love that top. I'm having serious thoughts about whether to use KSH or buy some Parisienne from Colinette and use that instead.
Thank you and Jen! I'm also thinking about getting a better reading/working lamp.

The KSH was much easier to use for the pattern than the mohair I tried before and it does have a lovely gossamer effect. I don't know Parisienne; sounds even more expensive!
Oh poor you! And it's such lovely wool. How about you do a shawl? That colour would look gorgeous with so many things. I have perserved and am now past the cuff bit and a couple of cms into the leg thank to the advice offered! The only thing is your sock is inside out - mine isn't - don't know if it's the pattern or (more likely!) me. Eek again. Who ever thought knitting was relaxing! Your O. Douglas books seem far more user friendly tonight!
Well done on the sock! A lot of people do them the other way round to me; I guess it's one of those things where you just do what comes naturally.:-) It's a shame to get stressed over knitting so yes, put it aside and read!
The top is very beautiful though, although I'm another person who finds KidSilk Haze itchy. I find stitch markers useful when I'm doing anything lacy. Might they help you?
I *do* love the top, sigh.

I find stitch markers terribly useful for cable knitting or anything with a panel pattern but less so with lace, where each pattern row is different.