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October 2018



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Before the Beatles was Bilk

I heard on Sounds of the Sixties this morning that Acker Bilk will be eighty next week *and he's still touring*. What is it with these old jazzmen, like Humphrey Lyttelton? You'd think all that puffing and blowing in clubs for years would be bad for the health but they seem to go on and on.

It's hard to believe now how hugely popular traditional jazz was in the UK in the early 1960s. I saw (Chris) Barber, (Kenny) Ball and Bilk in the film It’s Trad, Dad! with Helen Shapiro and John Leyton. Why is this never on television? I'd love to see it again. Bilk's biggest hit was not jazz at all, but the theme tune Stranger on the Shore for a BBC drama series which even made No.1 in the US. I find it very evocative of its period. Aaaah!


Please tell your occasional reader which drama series? I had no idea that it was a series theme.
I don't read you as often as you deserve - hope all is well with you and the new home
I've found it here and that's just how I remember it. Strange how you don't think of a thing for years and then something brings it back to you.

Thank you for the kind thoughts; I am liking it here very much.


Stranger on the Shore

I certainly remember the BBC drama series although I don't remember the actual story and was glad to have been reminded of it. I remember enjoying it and I also bought the single of the music by Bilk (sadly, I don't have it now.)
Margaret Powling

Re: Stranger on the Shore

I *do* have the single but can't play it until I get the sockets sorted!