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March 2019



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Kitchen geranium

Weekend Projects

In spite of today's brilliant sunshine, it looks as though I'll be frozen in this weekend, due to the state of the roads round here. I don't mind too much as I'm tired out by the stress of having builders in all week. They're very nice but they can't help making noise and mess and demanding spot decisions from me. So it's time out with books and knitting.

Judging by Ravelry, making dishcloths is getting to be as hot as sock knitting. I'm between projects so before casting on yet another pair of socks I thought I'd make inroads into my stash and use up some cotton making a dishcloth. Whether I'll ever use it remains to be seen, but it will look pretty hanging up.

As usual I have three books on the go and one I am in love with. Amitav Ghosh's book Sea of Poppies was shortlisted for the Booker prize. I saw a copy in the library recently and, like an idiot, didn't take it out. A couple of days ago I was in a charity shop when The Hungry Tide caught my eye. I dipped into it, looked further into the book, then again and found myself utterly seduced by the beauty of the prose. Ridiculously, I then had a little argument with myself on the lines of, 'you're not supposed to buy any books this week/you have plenty of TBR books/but it's only £1.75 for a hardback and you've just spent £1.50 on Private Eye/you'll be miserable if you get home and haven't got it.' Now I've started reading it and was drawn in straight away by the opening scene at a railway station where middle class Indian Kanai meets Piya, an American born in Bangladesh. I immediately wanted to know more about both characters and was fascinated by the exotic landscape which is about to be explored. I'm looking forward to reading the rest.


I keep looking at Sea of Poppies and have nearly bought it so many times. I will be interested in hearing how you find this one. I can't imagine using a knitted dishrag I must admit - next knitted loo roll covers with barbie tops?- (I'm a confirmed J cloth or shop brand equiv woman myself!), but it would make a very pretty flannel! If icy roads improve hope to see you tomorrow?
No to knitted loo roll covers!

Looks like tomorrow might be better than Monday, so hope so. Supposed to be -10 tonight!
When I was about 7, I think, we made knitted dishcloths at school. Horrid things made out of some nasty string-like wool, that I don't suppose were ever used. I do have some nice hemp yarn that I think would make lovely knitted dishcloths and would also be good for crocheting those scrubby things you use in the shower.
My sister claims that we made dishcloths in the Brownies but I don't remember it. Choosing to make one is quite another matter.
I've just read Sea of Poppies and loved it so I think you were quite right to give in to the impulse to buy that bargain hardback.
Looking forward to hearing about it when you've finished it.