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October 2018



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Another exciting day chez moi with added sheep

I seem to have spent the whole day chasing sheep. With my camera, that is. This morning, one of the workmen called out, 'Have you looked out of the window?' and I saw that the field the other side of my hedge had suddenly spawned a few grazing sheep and gambolling little lambs. Of course by the time I got downstairs they had silently vanished away and they spent the day mysteriously coming and going.

The photos are all blurry, I'm afraid. Even if the lambs seemed to be staring hard at me, little movements would spoil the pic. Never mind, they were fun.

Elsewhere outdoors, the water board completely closed part of the road and built a moat to my drive. The greenhouse men arrived and put up the frame, promising to return tomorrow to 'glaze up'. Indoors, more noise and dust with little to show for it, but we progress.


All that wool, right on your doorstep!
Gosh, yes - you can go a-gathering' from the fences and hedges!
Hee, yes. One of the lambs had blue dye all over it though; what do you do about that?
Dye it black.
Ha! It's a plan.
Don't get it.
Do you remember a pice by Alan Coren about how with the help of a bird recognition handbook he found his garden full of exotic breeds? I've just done the same thing Googling for 'my' sheep. I think they're just regular Blackface. Back today, coming and going.
Knit blue things!

(I want a flock of pastel-coloured Babydoll Southdowns if ever Pete and I can get our dream house; he's happy with the idea of mini sheep but not pastel ones!)
Very pretty but I'd rather look at someone else's sheep. They get so many horrible diseases.
the water board completely closed part of the road and built a moat to my drive.

How very "Archer's Goon"! Is the postman using a fishing rod to make deliveries, yet? :-)
Ha! All deliveries here are by van, so the postman's lot is not an easy one at the moment. It would be fun if people threw buns at me, like in Passport to Pimlico (a favourite film of mine).


Your journal

Well, I'm either going crazy or well, I guess there is no 'or.' I must be going crazy. I could swear that you wrote an entry lately where you said you were shutting down your blog; that you started it to work on your writing but you haven't done that. Who am I thinking of??? I read it, with sadness, and then deleted your Life must be filled up from my blog list.

Re: Your journal

Not guilty! I did write that I wasn't posting much but not that I was giving up. So please keep visiting; I enjoy your blog so much!


Re: Your journal

Whew! What a relief. I do remember you saying something about leaving it up, but that you wouldn't be posting. I just read it as ta ta for now. :<) Anyhow it is a great, great feeling to know I am not nutso.

Re: Your journal

Don't worry, I never thought you were nutso :-)