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Another exciting day chez moi with added sheep

I seem to have spent the whole day chasing sheep. With my camera, that is. This morning, one of the workmen called out, 'Have you looked out of the window?' and I saw that the field the other side of my hedge had suddenly spawned a few grazing sheep and gambolling little lambs. Of course by the time I got downstairs they had silently vanished away and they spent the day mysteriously coming and going.

The photos are all blurry, I'm afraid. Even if the lambs seemed to be staring hard at me, little movements would spoil the pic. Never mind, they were fun.

Elsewhere outdoors, the water board completely closed part of the road and built a moat to my drive. The greenhouse men arrived and put up the frame, promising to return tomorrow to 'glaze up'. Indoors, more noise and dust with little to show for it, but we progress.
Tags: building, greenhouses, sheep, work in progress

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