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January 2019



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The Knitter

Yesterday I got issue 3 of The Knitter. I had to buy it in Smith’s because my subscription apparently doesn’t start until No.4. I never did figure out which deal saved the most money. On a quick glance I thought this third issue looked to be the best one yet. On Ravelry though, people are so critical that I wonder why they buy it. The main complaint seems to be that the patterns are not ‘original’ i.e. unique to the magazine. For economy minded knitters like me, who don’t have a stash of (expensive!) Rowan magazines and a library of (expensive!) modern knitting books, these patterns are new, different and more interesting than the ones in the cheaper mags. Another complaint is the lack of articles. This suits me fine. I’m mildly interested in background stories about designers, round-ups of new yarns etc. but I’d hate to have it cluttered up with chit chat, puzzles and information about other crafts. I buy a knitting magazine because I like *knitting*.

These are my Bleeding Heart socks from Issue 2. They're fun, though goodness knows how I’m going to get on with the Turkish heel. The waste yarn is looking at me but luckily I haven’t got there yet. I’m finding it hard to concentrate at the moment so I have another, easy project on the go.
I’ll almost certainly make the Beachcomber wristwarmers from the new issue

and possibly the Cockleshell top. I especially like that both projects use easily accessible, affordable yarns. I’d like to have a go at the Moebius technique but to make baskets? What would I use them for? (Better not tell me.)


I like the look of those handwarmers too but since I have just signed up for Sock Madness, I'm not sure I need any new projects at the moment!
I have sock madness anyway, without signing up for it! :-)
Ooo! I covet the wristwarmers!
Aren't they cute? Can't see me wearing them on the beach, as recommended!
I think the articles people have in mind are more like the ones in Interweave, eg about short row shaping, or different ways of constructing socks, or else interviews with designers. Knit 1 had a great section last issue where they interviewed half a dozen bloggers, then published a pattern by each of them - that sort of thing would be great in The Knitter.

I like this edition best so far - I like the bag that goes with the handwarmers, and the Cockleshell jumper (although the person who sewed the sample garment together should be sat down and forced to learn mattress stitch....)

I've taken out the three issues for £1 subscription offer, I'm sure I'll continue with it once that runs out though.
Short row shaping! Fills me with horror, which is why an article on it might be a good thing after all. They could have a feature on Dances With Wool and her amazingness.
Short row shaping is a very useful trick - I've used it for sock heels, and for shoulders, where it's great, you don't end up with two stepped cast off edges to sew together, you get a sloping row of live stitches on your needle, which you can attach to the other side with a three needle bind off. You can also do bust shaping and use it to knit circular things like doilies and shawls.

I've not come across Dances with Wool, I will google!
Old dogs and new tricks come to mind but I really should be more ambitious and tackle these things.

Find DancesWithWool here
Those wristwarmers are lovely. I'll look forward to seeing your version of them, which I'm sure will be beautiful.
At the rate the socks are progressing, could be a long wait!
A thneed? I do not need a thneed
A thneed I do not need
A sock I'll knit
And it will fit
I'll knit it with some speed.

But thanks for the link!

DancesWithWool just fills me with awe.


The Knitter magazine

I wonder when I'll see my Issues. I've signed up as soon as I heard about it. Guess it takes a little longer to get over here. From what I've seen so far, I think I'll like it. I didn't find anything I want to knit in the last IK issues.
Many greetings,

Re: The Knitter magazine

Hello Monika, nice to meet you.
Your knitting is lovely and so are your dogs!
I stay away from mag-related Ravelry threads whenever possible because they usually drive me nuts - we do have an official SK username, which we registered after someone spouted off that they 'knew' for a 'fact' that we didn't pay designers. We pay all of them!

The Knitter is my sort of thing, too - I don't have an extensive pattern collection, and don't want fluff articles and puzzles. I can't understand people who buy it and then grumble; it's not bagged so they're perfectly able to flick through it before parting with cash.