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March 2019



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It's all too beautiful

No builders. Kitchen very nearly finished. Perfect weather. Peace and quiet. View from the kitchen door.


Oh, lovely. I love the stable door.
Thank you! It's all how I imagined it before I moved in; I've always wanted a kitchen door opening straight onto the garden.



Do you call this a "Dutch" door? That's the only name I've ever known it by. Now, here's my question. I've seen so many pictures of British homes with doors and windows open, and no screens. Does this mean there are no flying insects that come into your home? I would love to be able to do this but my house would be full of a myriad of bugs. :<( What a view you have. I love it. I'm reminded of the cottage view in The Holiday. Have you seen that movie? In the extras it showed how the house was made just for the movie, but in my imagination it is the perfect, perfect house inside and out. :<)

Re: Door

Here it's called a stable door.
We don't need screens, it's true. The occasional troublesome fly or wasp, nothing worse. Midges are a nuisance but only outdoors.
I love the view. I don't think I've seen The Holiday but I like the sound of it.

Edited at 2009-03-21 05:04 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I'm just loving the peace of having my house to myself again. The builders will be back but I won't feel they're living here. I'll need to get my strength up before the next project:-)
That looks great! And I'm jealous of your needing no screens. In summer, even through screened windows mosquitoes somehow find a way in and keep me from sleeping.
Thank you! You must live right near water? I'm a magnet for midge bites so I hope there won't be too many here.
Thank you!
Lovely peaceful rural view. You'll be relieved when the kitchen is finished.
I certainly will. More builders today, alas!