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BBC Rant

I've just been lstening to Sunday Worship on Radio 4. I'm rather a traditionalist and this was the kind of service I would normally expect to dislike; instead, I found it inspiring. So I wanted to find out who the preacher was who spoke so well, and where the service was taking place. Naturally my first port of call was the BBC Radio home page. There followed several minutes' frustration and some **!!%%&&** quite inappropriate to my Palm Sunday mood.

Every time I look at this page it has changed and for the worse. At one time you'd go to the Radio 4 home page, see programmes A-Z, find your programme and the information required. Now, the whole thing is geared to Listen Again and podcasts. Worse, when I clicked on today's programmes, I was told, 'Sorry. No programmes are being broadcast at the moment.'! It took me any number of clicks to find what I wanted (here) and that was from an external link.

I could write to Feedback with my complaints but having heard the patronising response poor old Roger Bolton gets from the BBC producers and execs. to whom he puts listeners' complaints, I don't think there's much point. For this I pay my licence fee.
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