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February 2019



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Must Make List

Are you one of those well organised people who carries a book catalogue about with them? Perhaps you have a PalmPilot, or write neatly in a Moleskine notebook? ramblingfancy and I went book hunting this afternoon, rather unsuccessfully. I bought a Miss Silver paperback only to find when I got home that I already had an unread copy. This is why I should have a list on my person at all times. Never mind, it was sunny and who wouldn't enjoy book browsing with good company in these pleasant surroundings?


It was lovely to have your company even if we didn't find anything very much! And always lovely to swap books. How annoying about the Miss Silver! Still at least you don't forget which Oxenham/ Brent-Dyer you own as I do! M's Biddy's Secret is a reprint. Also I keep meaning to beg a favour when/if your Jane Shaw's are accessible and keep forgetting that too. Do you have gaily dustwrapped copies of the two Moochers, Crew of the Belinda, Penny Foolish, Fivepenny Fair(title?) and Crooked Sixpence to pc the dws?
If you'll believe me, I've been all round Ashley Heath this morning and come back with nothing for my pains!

I have all those Jane Shaws except Moochers. I lack those and the Northmead books. It's Fourpenny Fair, Fivepenny Mystery BTW.
Thank you! When it's possible, I'll pay you for the pcs ofc! Bah to Ashley Heath!
I'll buy your Miss Silver book from you if it's one I don't already have. :-)
It's The Listening Eye. You'd be welcome but you could get it cheaply from eBay or Amazon Marketplace.
I got as far as buying a Moleskine notebook and have the very best intentions of listing wants but still need a Round Tuit.
Ah, good intentions. I used to turn out my bag and find horrid little scrumped up pieces of paper listing missing Heyers etc. Perhaps I should treat myself to a notebook.
Glad it's not just me!



Hello! I have just discovered your lovely blog and am curious as to the name of the bookstore you visited. THe photo looks so inviting.
Thanks and regards,

Re: Bookstore

Hello and welcome! It's The Dorset Bookshop in Blandford, Dorset. It sells new books downstairs and second hand one upstairs. It's been improved recently and looks very attractive.


Re: Bookstore

Thanks for the info. I've never been to Blandford but hope to be visiting Dorset soon so will definately investigate and seek out that lovely bookstore! :-)
Oh, this is familiar. I have a couple of lists of 'books to look out for' - one that's specifically 'Girls Own', and if I know I'm going book hunting (perfect phrase), I'll take them. I do not have anyhting like an up to date catalogue of books that I own. I intentionally bought a uplicate of something yesterday, because I wanted it to match with other parts of the series I ws buying. But then, a while ago, I accidently bought a copy of a Cherry Ames that I own. Oh, and on that shop, I intentionally bought a Collins Abby Girls book, to replace my Children's Press one.
I love that icon!

Duplicates are OK if you can pass them on. I use my Amazon wish list as a list of things to look out for but I still often find myself in the library with a mind completely empty of what I might want.