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Muguet des Bois

For people of a certain age, the first French words they ever saw were probably ‘Cette sauce de haute qualité…’ read off the side of a bottle of HP sauce. Muguet des Bois stuck in my head from a very young age. I expect it was from Yardley soap; what a pity you hardly ever see it now. Lily of the Valley really does have the most exquisite scent and as it opens in the garden I get a quite Proustian feeling that it’s May already.

Sauce bottles, bars of soap, Soir de Paris perfume by Bourjois, French characters in books forever saying Sacrebleu!; it's a muddle but a start. Coming across French and German expressions via the Chalet School books would lead to some gross errors:-)
How did you meet your first foreign words?
Tags: foreign languages, lily of the valley
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