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Red-Headed League Table

I love red hair and ginger cats, so I was intrigued by this list of 10 Redheads in Literature. As is pointed out there, red-headed characters are very often sidekicks and are usually assumed to have hot tempers. My mind is blanking on red hair except in children's books: Tim’s friend Ginger in Edward Ardizzone’s Little Tim books; Penny Warrender in the Lone Pine series. Josephine Elder devoted a whole book to the subject:

Does Orlando the Marmalade Cat count? In Real Life, actor Damian Lewis springs to mind. So, any favourite heroes/heroines with red hair?

Grrr! This was supposed to be a poll but although the code looks fine it's not working. So it will have to be comments.
Tags: abe books, josephine elder, l m montgomery, red-headed book characters
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